I’ve created this new website specifically to showcase my video game audio work. If you are interested in my songwriting, my band or my touring activities as a French/Chinese/American chanteuse and accordionist, please visit

You can navigate the site to find my video game music, videos, or check out my video game portfolio below. Thanks!



Thursday February 9th, 2017: Composing the music for point-and-click adventure video game Growbot! I’m so proud and excited to be working on the music for Growbot, a beautiful point and click adventure video game (coming out in 2018.) Created by illustrator and game creator Lisa Evans, this is the kind of video game I play in my spare time (point and click adventure), as it features a strong story, quirky characters – all set in an inviting, magical world. Check out some of the music I’ve written so far on Spotify and the game intro on youtube (or on the “watch” section of the website) and follow the Growbot Facebook page to stay updated on the progress of the game.

• Wednesday December 7th, 2016: New Video Game Audio Website It’s still a work in progress, but I created thisnew website to focus on my work on music and SFXs for video games. I am still gaining experience in the field, but I am very excited about the indie projects I’ve been working on so far, and am looking forward to more in the near future 😉 Below is my current video game audio portfolio, which I’m hoping to update as I work on more games.