As I’ve been enjoying writing French chanson, touring with my band and composing songs for children’s educational program, I also recently starting working on another passion of mine: video games, specifically audio for independent video games.

So far, I’ve had a chance to compose music and create some sound effects for some independent video games such as Zavix Tower (game by Batholith Entertainment, available on Steam), Ultraman Unioncrush (game in development, by Blue Whale Games, Roman’s Adventure (game made in collaboration with Gamkedo Club) and many student redesigns. I’m currently working on music for 2D adventure point-and-click adventure game Growbot, and a couple of other indie games, which I’m very excited about, but can’t reveal yet. 😉

I’m also the organizer of Indie Dev Club, a meetup group for Los Angeles-based indie game professionals. Join us 🙂

You can find my chanteuse/songwriter news and material on my sister website:

Jessica Fichot